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It’s penis-o-rama around the internet these days, because soon after the scientific world was thrilled by the discovery of the gigantic squid penis, archeologists started arguing as to whether or not King Tut was well-endowed. When they went to check, they realised poor Tut’s penis had, for a short time, gone missing.

Tut’s penis is no longer attached to the body. After some digging, Marchant was able to confirm that the king’s genitalia was attached to the mummy during its first unwrapping in 1922, meaning the postmortem castration likely occurred in modern times. Interestingly, Tut’s penis was declared missing in 1968 until a CT scan discovered it hidden in the sand that surrounded the mummy.

This evidence has lead some to believe that Tut’s penis was swapped sometime after his body was embalmed, suggesting a conspiracy existed to save him from embarrassment of the locker room variety, even in the afterlife.

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