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Yes, I’m dead serious about this, ladies. Now you to can achieve the smokin’ hot rear that J-Lo and Beyonce are famous for, by wearing a bra on your butt.

Californian psychologist Dr Karin Hart lost a bunch of weight and found that her butt sagged. So quite by accident, she found this idea and patented the very first butt-bra: The Binkini.

‘By wrapping a strip of adhesive tape around myself in different ways I found one that worked. The look it gave me was so nice I decided to make a few to wear under clothes.

She added: ‘Most people would agree that the breasts and the buttocks look best when held high on the body. This motivates millions of women to wear a bra.

‘There is an inconsistency though, because the backside looks good as well when high on the body, but there is no lift product.

‘The derriere has panties, thongs, boy shorts and horizontally shaping compression, but no bra.’

She continued: ‘Biniki is capable of emphasizing smaller, flatter derrieres, enhancing the silhouette with or without clothes and bring a new sense of confidence about how one looks in back.

‘People with small or flat bottoms benefit greatly from this shape wear.’

What do you think? Would you wear one? It looks uncomfortable!

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